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Portrait of botanist Henry William Ravenel

Converse College is a partial recipient of two grants totaling $2.5 million. One grant is from the National Science Foundation (NSF) while the remaining allotment is from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The grants will appropriate funds to digitize both the Henry William Ravenel Collection, which is primarily owned by Converse College, and…
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During the annual Founder's Day celebration last Friday, the Converse community was riveted by the poignant, humor-filled keynote address of MacArthur Foundation Fellow Ellen Bryant Voigt ’64, heartened by the well-deserved recognition of award winners, and filled with both laughter and tears as we celebrated our farewell for President Betsy Fleming.In her keynote address, Ellen…
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Studio Art major Caren Stansell

On the heels of the announcement of Converse’s new School of the Arts (SOA) initiative, Creativity that Works, comes an ideal example of one of the program’s goals: prepare students for successful careers by incorporating experiential learning into every major. Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, N.C. has invited Caren Stansell ’16, a Studio Art major and…
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Community News

Music major Mary Ann Claud

Author and Converse grad, Mary Ann Claud BA '59 & MM '61 began writing professionally in the 1970's for the Hendersonville Times News. Her writing explores everything from art and music, to travel stories, and personal profiles. Mrs. Claud has seen recent success with novels including The Dancin' Man, and her latest novel Whirlygig: The…
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MedEx Ambassador Addie Ledbetter

For the past two summers aspiring nurse anesthetist, Addie Ledbetter '17, has participated in the GHS Medical Experience (MedEx) Academy internship. This unique program supports high school seniors and college undergraduates who are pursuing careers in health care. MedEx Academy students participate in progressive learning experiences to introduce the foundations needed for a successful career…
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Math major Addie Ledbetter with Boiling Springs High School students

Addie Ledbetter ’17 visited Boiling Springs High School's driver's education classes to share her safe-driving platform, "You Text . . . You Next." Her platform is a preventative project that focuses on educating youth in local high schools on the dangers of texting while driving. Addie had more than 100 students at Boiling Springs take…
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