Nisbet Honors Program

Nisbet Honors Program

Nisbet Honors Program

If you are academically gifted, this invitation-only program offers you the challenge and the community with which you can reach your full potential. Explore new avenues of thinking, conduct independent research, and discuss intellectually challenging topics with other gifted students.

More than half of our Nisbet graduates pursue advanced study at graduate schools, including well-known institutions such as Princeton and Cornell. Many of these graduates receive excellent financial aid packages, some getting full scholarships and stipends.

Why Join the Nisbet Honors Program at Converse?

As a Nisbet Honors student you can:

  • Get paid to research topics that interest you with faculty mentors
  • Receive funding to present your research at regional, national, and international conferences
  • Meet and talk with prominent visiting scholars and personalities like presidential candidates and bestselling authors.
  • Take fascinating, interdisciplinary courses available only to honors students
  • Get personal assistance with graduate school applications
  • Receive priority and special funding for study abroad programs, including the University of Glasgow in Scotland, one of the best science universities in western Europe

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