Program Support

Program Support

Program Support

In order to become the leader in the cultivation and development of creative thinking and problem-solving across all disciplines in and out of the classroom, Converse must expand and strengthen our academic programs, study-travel offerings, student-faculty research and enhance our student-life programs. Some areas needing program support are:

Center for Student Development and Success

The Center for Student Development and Success, located in the Montgomery Student Center, serves to advance Converse students towards success in academic, personal and professional areas. Programs offer alumni networking and mentoring programs, internship opportunities and tutoring.

Study-Travel Opportunities

Research and our own student evaluations show that students who study abroad find it to be a life-changing opportunity and one of their most rewarding experiences. For many current Converse students, attaining this goal requires financial assistance.

Support of Valkyries Athletic Programs

The Converse athletics program has experienced phenomenal growth since its revitalization in 2001, quickly growing from 5 to 13 sports and competing at the NCAA Division II level. Continued financial support is a vital component of the College’s ability to attract, recruit and retain qualified student-athletes.

Student-Faculty Research

The quality of research projects developed through student-faculty partnerships is a distinctive mark of the Converse education. Such projects provide innovative hands-on learning opportunities that result in tremendous success for students in their applications for graduate schools and fellowship funding.


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