Converse Chemistry students at Annie's House in Greenville

Dr. Hawk’s ‘Scientist’s Food for Thought’ class participated in a service-learning day with Sustaining Way at ‘Annie’s House’ in Greenville. Annie’s House is an interfaith initiative at Sustaining Way, which demonstrates the feasibility and benefits of living more simply. It is located in the historic neighborhood of Nicholtown and promotes sustainable living practices, including backyard…
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Dr. Chandra Hopkins’ class went to Carver Middle School to work with their morning news crew, WCMN (Wildcat Morning News) team, on public speaking skills. Converse Theatre and Musical Theatre majors guided more than twenty 7th and 8th graders through vocal warm-ups, physical exercises, and theatre games. Dr. Hopkins said, “It’s a chance for the…
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Converse Spanish students are volunteering with Arcadia Elementary School and ARCH Ministries of the United Methodist Church in Spartanburg. These 24 students will use their developing Spanish language and cultural skills to help K-5 children and their families “acclimatize” to both school and daily life in Spartanburg. Dr. Nashieli Marcano is the supervising faculty member.

As part of the interdisciplinary Psychology of Musical Theatre class, students and faculty team up to lead an “acting the song” month-long workshop with local high school students. Together they create a collaborative musical performance, exploring major themes such as “To Dream” and “To Fight.”