Revelations from a Southern Belle – Converse II Featured Blog

Revelations from a Southern Belle – Converse II Featured Blog

Converse College Campus

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“It’s a GLORIOUS autumn day and as I drove onto the campus of Converse College this morning I was once again filled with emotion to the point of tears. I am continually amazed and overcome with a myriad of emotions about being here. Joy,fear, excitement and determination are just a few.  Autumn is often viewed as decline, nearing the end, but for me it will ever be the time of MY rebirth!”

Connie Stillinger is a Converse II student studying English with a concentration in creative writing. In her blog, Revelations from a Southern Belle, she shares the battles that brought her to her decision to return to college, and the joys and adventures she now faces.

Excerpt from the blog:

“Converse College is a truly extraordinary place. I don’t remember college being like this the LAST time I attended.  This is a women’s school and so very different from a public coed university in all ways.  The campus is CLEAN, manicured and lovely to walk. There is a history here. Of nurturing, empowering and EDUCATING women in all the ways that matter.  Demanding all they have and then more but offering support to succeed. That sense of history and all that comes with it literally oozes from the pores of this place.

“All the undergraduate classes are just women.  That provides me with a most unique perspective, since most of my life has been surrounded by and dictated to by men. It’s a safe environment where I can voice my opinions and thoughts without being ridiculed or being treated in a condescending manner . Voicing my views and thoughts is actually encouraged, and others respond in a thought provoking manner.  And I’m not the oldest student here!  There is a large group of Converse II ‘non-traditional’ students and I am proud to join them…

“I’m not sure at all where this grand adventure will take me but between the panic attacks and occasional questioning of my sanity I’m having a BLAST! I’m holding on tight and enjoying this WILD ride!”

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