Meet David Case: A Converse Doctoral Student

Meet David Case: A Converse Doctoral Student

Converse Doctoral student David Case

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Q&A with David Case, A Minister-Turned-Educator Pursuing the EdD

What motivated you to pursue your EdD?

“My background is primarily in church ministry and public education. I decided to pursue this degree to experience personal growth and expand opportunities for me in the future. I have known Dr. Medford (Dean of Education and Graduate Students) for several years and I knew she would develop an excellent program. I also have known for years about the exceptional reputation of Converse. I have not been disappointed. Everything so far has met or exceeded my expectations.”

Lienne Medford and David Case in front of Converse logoAs a teacher, how did you feel about becoming a student again?

“I feel great about it! It’s exciting to be in a cohort with others who are passionate about learning and growing. It has been helpful for me to step into the role of a student – I have no doubt it will strengthen me as a teacher.”

Any experiences that you’ve been able to apply right away in your current role?

“Yes. My perspective about personal scheduling and setting priorities has shifted. I am doing more to spend time reviewing and refining my personal and professional goals. I am already reaping the benefits of this.”

What aspect of the program have you found to be especially important to your professional development?

“The challenge to develop myself as a person first. My professional effectiveness hinges on my personal development and growth. I appreciate the healthy push the program gives me to grow and sharpen my ability to think critically and work toward excellence in everything I do.”

What has been a standout feature of the EdD program for you?

“I love the aspect of being in a cohort. We started this journey together – and throughout the journey, we are here to encourage each other and help each other finish strong. Everyone contributes to each one’s journey. It’s good to have the emotional and logistical support a cohort gives to every member.”

If you could share one important message with potential students, what would that be?

“Be prepared to work hard, think deeply and be challenged. The work is not overwhelming, but it is not a cakewalk either – as it should be. The reading, research, reflecting and shared reactions in the cohort will broaden your perspective and deepen your own thinking about leadership.”

Originally published in The Converse Magazine.

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