Medical Technology

Medical Technology

Medical TechnologyAre you an ASCP-certified Medical Laboratory Technician and want to take your career to the next level? Earn your BS in Medical Technology at Converse.

Degree Offered

  • BS in Medical Technology

Converse’s undergraduate Medical Technology program will help ASCP-certified students advance their education and skills to the next level.

Students will acquire laboratory skills and fundamental biomedical principles, develop their ability to perform clinical laboratory testing, evaluate test results and develop communication skills in written and oral forms. Converse is the only college in the Upstate to offer this program.

  • Converse offers the only BS in Medical Technology in the Upstate
  • Strengthen the “soft skills” employers are looking for
  • Advance into administrative and senior management roles

Through completion of the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Technology, you will acquire an intermediate understanding of fundamental biomedical principles and gain additional laboratory skills in biomedical sciences. You will also develop communication skills in written and oral forms that you need to be a successful medical technology professional.

Students completing this major must make their own arrangements for their certification examinations (check for eligibility) and must complete all requirements for a Converse degree.

Biological Sciences
BIO 100: General Biology or BIO 202: General Zoology 4 hours
BIO 312: Microbiology 4 hours
BIO 330: Introduction to Immunology 3 hours
Additional Biology Electives (choose courses from the topics listed below) 8 hours
Comparative Anatomy
Cell Biology
CHM 190–202: General College Chemistry 8 hours
CHM 303–304: Organic Chemistry 8 hours
Biochemistry 4 hours
Mathematics and Physics
MTH Elective above MTH 110 3 hours
PHY 241: Elements of Physics 4 hours

You must complete the General Education Program and have a total of 120 hours to graduate from Converse.

BS in Medical Technology Major Worksheet

For full course requirements, see the academic catalog.

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