NEW Online Graduate Education Courses Start Oct. 19

NEW Online Graduate Education Courses Start Oct. 19

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Enroll now for two new online graduate courses at Converse College that begin Wednesday, October 19 and conclude Friday, December 9, 2011.  Each course carries 3 graduate credit hours, will apply to advanced degree programs at the college and is appropriate for teacher recertification.

Course Descriptions

EDU 555 – Diversity in the Classroom

Dr. Terrell Tracy (

The course is designed to help educators gain strategies to understand how our diverse society influences student learning in the classroom. Participants will explore issues of culture, gender, and individuals with exceptionalities, and how these affect a student’s learning and behavior in the classroom. Through online discussions, readings, and personal reflection, the goal is to exemplify the challenges and benefits of diversity and strengthen the possibilities of working and living in a diverse society as engaged and active participants.

EDU 517 – Advanced Seminar in Literacy Instruction

Dr. Kelly Harrison-Maguire (

The course provides a research-based foundation in literacy development for elementary-age students. Study includes investigation of: Cognitive, socio-cultural, linguistic, developmental and motivational influences on literacy and language development; and Instructional strategies that facilitate learning for this age range. Comprehension development, fluency development, phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, word recognition, vocabulary development, writing, spelling, family literacy, emergent and beginning literacy, oral communications, and the needs of diverse learners are included.


$400 per credit hour ($1,200 per course)

Financial Aid

Converse graduate students receiving financial aid may be eligible to apply their aid to these courses.  Please visit the Finance & Registration Center for more details.

Enjoy the Online Experience

Students who participate in online classes enjoy a unique educational experience. They have the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas with classmates in a friendly and open virtual setting that puts both introverted and extroverted classmates at ease as they interact and express themselves. The online learning format is as valuable and enriching as the on-campus experience.

Converse’s virtual classroom imitates the traditional classroom setting by allowing students to contribute to class through student forums. This design allows students to lower their inhibitions and increase their participation quality as well as their academic benefits. Online students have the opportunity to spend more time reflecting, analyzing and responding to what classmates have written or discussed in class.

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