Naming & Endowment Opportunities

Naming & Endowment Opportunities

Naming and Endowment Opportunities benefit our students

Providing a named endowment to support Converse provides a perpetual source of income for scholarships, faculty support and programming. Endowment assets are invested and each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose with any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value. In this way, an endowment fund can grow and provide support for its designated purpose in perpetuity. It is the most important element in ensuring permanent financial stability for today’s students and for the generations of Converse students to come. Converse offers current-use naming opportunities to provide immediate impact.

The Converse College Board of Trustees has set different minimum funding levels for different types of endowments.

An endowed, need-based scholarship can provide qualified, admitted students the opportunity to join the Converse community. A named scholarship may be endowed for $25,000 or more. Contributions of any amount may be added to an existing scholarship at any time. An annual gift of $2,500 with a 4-year commitment can also create an immediate scholarship.

A gift of $25,000 or more can provide a young woman with distinctive academic, artistic and/or athletic abilities a named, merit-based scholarship. Upon funding at this minimum level, additional contributions of any amount may be made at any time. An annual gift of $2,500 with a 4-year commitment can also create an immediate scholarship.

Committed faculty members are core to Converse’s educational mission. Endowed funds for faculty support underwrite professors’ teaching and research projects and can offset start-up costs associated with new faculty appointments. A gift of $50,000 or more would provide needed resources for faculty support and research. A gift of $1,250,000 or more will provide a named Professorship which is one of the highest honors bestowed on a faculty member.

Many ongoing special programs are funded by endowments. Research projects, internships, lectures, campus-wide learning activities and more are funded through endowments created by specific ongoing programs. With a minimum funding requirement of $25,000, the size of the endowment required is dictated by the goals of the program. An annual gift of $2,500 with a 4-year commitment can also create an immediate impact for a program at Converse.

For more information on these and other giving opportunities, contact Mike Kennedy, Associate Vice President for Philanthropy, at 864.596.9390 or

Naming Opportunities

Building Naming Varies by building depending on visibility and cost of construction
Interior naming of classrooms/labs/auditoria/residential rooms/ $25,000 – $1,000,000
General Endowment Fund from $25,000
Program Support from $25,000
Merit or need-based Scholarship from $25,000
Faculty/Research/Development/Resources Fund from $50,000
Lectureship from $50,000
Full Scholarship (tuition and fees) $350,000
Full Scholarship (tuition, fees, room & board) $500,000
Professorship $1,250,000
Academic Chair $2,500,000
Deanship $3,000,000
College-wide Center from $4,000,000
School from $10,000,000
Annual Support
Scholarship from $2,500 with a 4 year commitment

Approved by Converse College Board of Trustees February 12, 2016