Siegwart Reichwald

Professor of Musicology, Conductor of Converse Symphony Orchestra

Siegwart Reichwald, Charles E. Daniels Distinguished Professor of Music, teaches music history and conducts the Converse Symphony. His principal research interests are in the music of Felix Mendelssohn, German Romanticism, and musical structure, as well as the music of Astor Piazzolla. Dr. Reichwald’s dissertation dealt with the compositional process of Mendelssohn’s oratorio Paulus. He also edited Mendelssohn in Performance, a collection of essays that explores the 19th-century sound environment of Felix Mendelssohn and his audiences. He has published articles and presented papers on a variety of topics on the music of Antoine Brumel, Fanny Hensel, Felix Mendelssohn, Robert and Clara Schumann, Françis Poulenc, and Astor Piazzolla. Dr. Reichwald has led several Converse study travel trips to Italy, Argentina, and Germany.