Lauren is originally from Salem, Illinois, but she moved to Simpsonville, SC when she was six years old.

Lauren got married in April 2019, where she relocated to the Spartanburg area because of her husband’s job at USC Upstate.

Lauren believes she was placed at Converse for a reason. After moving to Spartanburg, she wanted to focus on her student affairs path because she had been in the K-12 side, but didn’t fully enjoy it. Lauren’s true passion was mentoring college students. She then applied for the Admissions Counselor position with Converse and the rest is history!

Lauren absolutely loves Converse, and how much they love their students. She has her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication from the College of Charleston.

Lauren hopes to bring what she learned as a Charleston Bridge Mentor, Peer Facilitator, and Peer Academic Coach to the Admissions team!


I was born in Mount Vernon, IL, but have lived 18 years in Simpsonville, SC. Simpsonville is about 20 minutes from Greenville.


All counties in SC except Spartanburg, Cherokee, Union or Laurens

Did You Know?

I have visited the actual studio where the Harry Potter movies were filmed! Yes, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I am a Gryffindor, what’s your house? I also have a french bulldog named Winnie.

Words Of Advice For Prospective Students:

In Harry Potter, Mr. Ollivander says, “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.” Yes, this is where Harry Potter realizes which wand is his, but we can apply this to college. Choose the clubs and organizations you want to get involved in, and if Converse doesn’t have it, start one up! Go to events, take classes that you might not think you’ll like, and ask questions. Become the person YOU want to be!

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