Degree Completion Program Guide

Degree Completion Program Guide

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A must-read resource for adult learners in Upstate South Carolina who are seeking a degree completion program that is local, affordable, flexible, and customizable.

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You may be thinking “When is it the right time to complete my four-year degree?” With a full-time job, kids at home, and the uncertainty we are all facing right now, how will you decide what to do?

At Converse, we understand that for busy, working adults, making the decision to return to school is not easy. In fact, you are probably wondering how to even get started. With this in mind, we created an informative guide to answer all of your questions about how and why you should complete your degree in Upstate South Carolina.

This guide explores:

  • The value of completing your bachelor’s degree in South Carolina
  • How you can earn 50% more than those without college experience
  • What 6 essential features to look for in a degree completion program
  • Customizable and flexible degree completion programs at Converse
  • And even more information to help make a difficult decision an easy one
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