Victoria (Torey) Green

Victoria (Torey) Green

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Phone: 864.596.9336

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Hometown: Liberty, SC

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English, Coastal Carolina University

Territory: Transfer Students

Favorite Story About Converse: I always love hearing how Converse was founded! I love knowing that I get to work at one of the first 15 women's colleges founded in the United States.

What Does Converse Mean To You? Converse means having a voice in the classroom and the community! It means being able to explore every aspect of yourself in an environment that is supportive and inspiring!

Did You Know? I am the oldest of seven children and I'm the first person in my family to go to college!

Words Of Advice For Prospective Students: The connections you make with your peers and faculty during your time in college are priceless! Time spent nurturing those connections is not time wasted!

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