Kimberly Newton-Burgess

Kimberly Newton-Burgess

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About Me

Hometown: Yonges Island, SC

Education: B.S. History, Lander University and MLA History, Converse College

Territory: Graduate Studies

Favorite Story About Converse: As a graduate student at Converse, I got to be a part of Dr. Melissa Walker’s course in African American history. The entire class participated in a research project about the impact that urban renewal had on the Southside of Spartanburg; a community founded in the 1860s by ex-slaves who lived together at the end of Liberty Street. Our research was later used in Beatrice Hill’s collection of stories, South of Main.

What Does Converse Mean To You? As an alumna of the Graduate School at Converse, it is an honor for me to be a part of its continued growth and success! I’m lucky to spend every day on campus working with our incredibly talented faculty & staff!

Did You Know? Kimberly fell in love with history (and historical documents) when she discovered her great-grandparents’ love letters buried in the bottom drawer of a dresser at her family’s farm house. She preserves and transcribes these letters along with old family Bibles, business records, and journals so they can be treasured by her family for years to come.

Words Of Advice For Prospective Students: Call us, email us, text us! We are here to help and we are always available to answer any question you have!

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