Music Therapy Students and Faculty Hold Concert at Mountainview Nursing Home

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Music Therapy Students and Faculty Hold Concert at Mountainview Nursing Home

Music therapy majors volunteer with nursing home choir

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Music Therapy student Daisy Myers created this promotional poster for the concert.

Associate Professor of Music Therapy Dr. Carol Shultis joined music therapy students Daisy Myers ‘20, Hembree Poindexter ’20 and Maddie Satterfield ’20 for a concert at Mountainview Nursing Home in Spartanburg.

The residents make up a choir of approximately 25. They have been practicing with Daisy Myers ‘20 and Dr. Carol Shultis since last fall to present this winter concert. The winter concert happened to fall on a rare, snow-filled day.

Daisy created a poster and a script that she used to introduce the songs and the “story” of the music. Daisy’s music selection highlighted the excitement of winter, followed by the winter’s dreariness. The choir opened with ‘Ah Poor Bird,’ a folk song to which the group added lyrics about the birds in winter, and ‘The Winter’s A Drag Rag’, a silly song about looking for spring to come performed by Daisy, Maddie and Dr. Shultis, with Hembree on piano.

The choir continued with songs about looking forward to spring, including ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.’ They closed with the group’s favorite song about singing together, ‘Side by Side.’

The concert was met with an enthusiastic audience of residents, staff and families/visitors one man even asked if they could do this every month!

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