Dr. Robbins Premieres New Music Inspired by Yoga

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Dr. Robbins Premieres New Music Inspired by Yoga

Scott Robbins Composition Tuladandasana

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Dr. Scott Robbins’s “Tuladandasana: A Stereophonic Sextet for Cellos,” which was commissioned for the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra cellists, received its premiere at the SPO’s “Cello Macchiato” concert. You can listen to Dr. Robbins’s compositions on his website.

Dr. Robbins told the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra he named the work Tuladandasana based on a yoga pose that “requires careful balance between three points – the head, the core, and the feet. In this stereophonic sextet for cellos, a similar balance must be created between three pairs of cellos, which must coordinate (and swap) their distinct musical materials.”

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