The Washington Post just reinforced the unique value of the liberal arts in science careers with their article, “We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.”

Lauren Miller ’15 is attending Texas Tech University’s MFA Theatre Pedagogy and Performance program. Lauren is the first person in her family to receive a Bachelor’s degree, in addition to advancing to the Master’s level.

Alumna and University innovation

Nadia Gathers ’15, Nisbet Honors student, was named a University Innovation Fellow at Stanford University.

Stephanie Jennings ’11 had her essay “Passion as Method: Subjectivity in Video Games Criticism” published in “The Journal of Games Criticism.”

2015-2016 Creative Collaboration Grant Awards: A Partnership Between the School of the Arts and Drayton Mills: Greg Mueller, Susanne Gunter, Chandra Hopkins, Boone Hopkins, Jane Hughes, Scott Robbins, Zan Schuweiler, Meg Tominaga, Daniel Seddiqui: Living the Map: Amy Cox, Witney FIsher, Cathy Gowan, Clara Jane Hallar, Jason Losciuto, Madelyn Young Full STEAM Ahead: Catching Criminals through…
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The 2014-15 Creative Collaboration Grant was awarded to “I Dwell in Possibility,” proposed by Valerie MacPhail, Mildred Roche, Boone Hopkins, McCree O’Kelley, Erin Templeton and Geri Hurlbut.

The 2013-2014 Converse College Creative Collaboration Grant Awards were awarded to: It Was Rape: Rachel Epperly, Keeli Wofford, Carol Epps, and Lisa Schoer Okra to Opera 2: Anita Rose, Melissa Walker, Susan Tekulve, and Scott Robbins Girls Day 2014: Regina Poppie and Kaye Waldrop

The 2012-2013 Converse College Creative Collaboration Grant Awards include: One Day When I Am…Women on Aging: Melissa Walker and Chandra Owenby Hopkins Good for You Converse!: Sandy Gordin, Molly Duesterhaus, Tammy Stokes, Margaret Moore, Bill Delongis, and Jasmine Middlebrooks Miss Representation: A Film Screening and Discussion about Representations of Women, Power and Influence: Tracy Ksiazak,…
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The 2011-2012 Converse College Creative Collaboration Grant Awards include: Arts for Haiti: Geri Hurlbut and Elizabeth York The Converse Conference on Southern Culture: Anita Rose, Melissa Walker, Kyle Keefer, Susan Tekulve, and Kelly Vaneman Garden of Reflection: Kala Downey, Lisa Godenick, Briana Mattison, JoAnne Switzer, and Madison Webb Hogwarts: Tracy Ksiazak and Madelyn Young Installation…
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