Who’s Coming?

Who’s Coming?

It’s your reunion. Who are those few, wonderful women you need to be there with you to relive your glory days? Make sure each one of them (especially your roommates!) is on this list. Remind your friends to register before May 1st!

Names Grouped By Class Year

Class Year First Name Last Name Maiden Name
2000 Jessica Eggimann
1970 Janice Mack Smack
1970 Jan Dees Rorebeck
1970 Patricia Johnson Downes
1970 Mary Hope Rhodes Glascock
1970 Gwin Parlange Groth
1970 Lynda Swann Smith
1990 Andria Duncan May
1970 Suzanne Clark Morpeth
1970 Euphemia Bradley Demopoules
1970 Susan Hufham Shaw
1970 Thayer Willis Cheatham
1970 Claire Hall Hailey
1970 Lynnie Mitchell Hicks
1970 Margaret Scott Clinkscales
1975 Jane Schenck Craver
1975 Betsy Wigington
1970 Ann Cross Joyner
1970 Marion Philpott Carson Brooke
2000 Susanna Roberts
1975 Berry Bate
1970 Kathy McCullough Campbell
1980 Margaret Schafer Craig
1980 Louise Moore Bixler
1980 Ginny Sanders Williams
2010 AnnaKate Rawles
2010 Morgan Anderson
1970 Howard Millican Brown
2014 Jessica Huffman
1975 Sandra Hartnett Russell
1990 Lila Magbee Willingham
1990 Nancy Coleman Phillips
1990 Deborah Harris Stanford
1990 Susan Billings Knight
2014 Elizabeth Wright
2000 Kelly Moore

Missing somebody? Remind them to register!

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