Library Research Guides

Library Research Guides


General Guide to Library Research

Art & Design

Research Guide for Art History (Guide currently being updated)

Research Guide for Art Therapy (Guide currently being updated)

Library Resources in Interior Design (Guide currently being updated)

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Research Guide for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (Guide currently being updated)

Economics, Accounting & Business

Research Guide for Economics, Accounting and Business (Guide currently being updated)


Research Guide for Education


Research Guide for English

History and Politics

Research Guide for History and Politics (Guide currently being updated)

Languages, Cultures, And Literatures

Research Guide for Languages, Cultures, And Literatures (Guide currently being updated)

Marriage and Family Therapy

Research Guide for Marriage and Family Therapy

Math and Computer Science

Research Guide for Mathematics And Computer Science (Guide currently being updated)


Research Guide for Music (Guide currently being updated)

Professional Leadership

Research Guide for Professional Leadership


Research Guide for Psychology

Religion and Philosophy

Research Guide For Religion And Philosophy (Guide currently being updated)

Theatre and Dance

Research Guide for Theatre And Dance (Guide currently being updated)

Video Tutorials

Navigating the Library Website
How to Search Library Databases
Effective Use of the Library Catalog

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