Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

Flying Instruction

Learning to FlyHarriet, woman to the right of the instructor, received her flight instruction at Moisant Flight School. At aviation school on Long Island, Harriet and Matilde Moisant, another woman student, listen to instructor Andre Houpert. Quimby and Moisant were the first two women in the United States to receive a pilot’s license.

Learning to FlyHarriet climbs into a Moisant Aviation School Bleriot for her first flying lesson.

Learning to Fly

Harriet’s flight instructor, Andre Houpert explained the operation of the Bleriot to her during her lessons.

Learning to FlyHarriet Quimby smiles for the camera while learning to fly in 1911.

Learning to FlyHarriet, along with the rest of her flight class, wait for the fog to clear from the flying field at Hempstead Plains on Long Island during their flight instruction.

Learning to FlyHarriet Quimby prepares for one of her first solo flights.