Harriet’s Flying Costume

Harriet’s Flying Costume

Harriet’s flying costume

Harriet Quimby said this about her unique flying costume:

“Many have asked me about my flying costume. It may seem strange, but I could not find an aviation suit of any description In the great city of New York – and I tried hard. In my perplexity it occurred to me that the president of the American Tailors’ Association, Alexander M. Grean, might be a good adviser, and he was, for it did not take him long to design a suit which has no doubt established the aviation costume for women in this country, if not for all the world.

‘It is made of thick, wool-back satin, without lining. It is all In one piece, including the hood. By an ingenious combination it can be converted instantly into a conventional appearing walking skirt when not in use in knickerbockers form.” (May 18, 1911)

From the research of Helen L. Powers