Time line of Harriet Quimby’s life

I. Accomplishments
A. First licensed woman pilot
B. First woman to pilot the English Channel
C. First woman to pilot a plane over Mexico

II. When
A. 1911-1912
B. Earhart only 9 years old
C. Lindbergh a teenager
D. Ragtime popular
E. Piloted Channel on Tuesday after Titanic sank on Sunday, April 14, 1912, and Monday, April 15, 1912

III. Vital statistics
A. Born in Michigan in 1875
B. Father a cook in Union army and a farmer
C. Mother a maker and seller of medicines; helped by Harriet
D. Moved with family to California

IV. Occupations/professions of Harriet
A. Patent medicines
B. Journalist in CA and NY
C. Drama critic

1. Freelancer in NY
2. Employed by Leslie’s Weekly, a forerunner of Life

V. Became interested in flying
A. Lessons paid for by Leslie’s
B. Wrote of lessons in Leslie’s
C. Poster girl

VI. Why not better known
A. Flew Channel at a time when news blackout
B. Killed in 1912

1. Sinking of Titanic on Sunday/Monday when she piloted on Tuesday
2. Relegated to back page of NY Times