Lawson Academy Calendar

Lawson Academy Calendar

Summer 2019

Summer lessons begin in late May and run through mid-August. Call our office at 864-596-9022 to learn about summer opportunities or to be placed with a teacher.

Fall 2019

Fall Registration

Online registration: opens August 12, 2019
Onsite registration: opens August 19, 2019

Fall Calendar

Lawson’s semester runs from August 26-December 20, 2019 (individual teachers’ schedules may vary)

September 2: Labor Day holiday
November 26-29: Thanksgiving Break
December 9: Rising Stars fall recital
December 10: Adult Gathering
December 10-11: Scholarship Hearings
December 12: Financial Aid Hearings

Spring 2020

Spring Registration

Online registration opens December 2, 2019
Spring semester begins January 21, 2020 and ends May 18, 2020.

Spring Calendar

March 21: STAR Celebration
March 28: STAR Performer’s Showcase
April 21 and 24: Lawson Scholarship Auditions
April 30-May 4: Spring Break
May 11: Adult Gathering
May 12: Rising Stars spring recital