Workshops & Lesson Plans for Teachers

Workshops & Lesson Plans for Teachers

Workshops for Teacher

In 2007 and 2009, the Department of History and Politics hosted National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops for teachers. More than 150 K-12 teachers from all over the nation came to Converse to gain fresh perspectives on the complex dynamics of the American Revolution in the Southern backcountry, a place where long-standing hostilities between American settlers erupted into a full-scale civil war between Loyalists and Patriots. Teachers studied with Converse faculty members Dr. Melissa Walker and Dr. Edward Woodfin and with noted scholars from around the nation, and they visited several American Revolution battlefields in the area. The teachers who attended prepared lesson plans using material they learned in the workshops, and we make them available as a resource for all teachers.

“I think taking the group to the landmark sites was a powerful way to solidify the lecture and reading materials. As a participant, I found it more meaningful to actually see the Star Fort at 96. Also it was a memorable experience to see the living history site. I came away from that trip with a variety of lesson ideas and a great visual representation in my mind to help me recreate some of the Colonial ways of living and thinking about medicine. Visiting the landmark sites is vital to forming a deeper understanding of the topic.”

“Dr. Walker is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional; I appreciated her efforts to engage each participant and acknowledge their concerns. She is to be commended for her hard work.”

“The host institution was great. Everything was exactly as was described.”

“The workshop was superior and a great experience. I will be using what I learned to enhance my teaching of the American Revolution and add a whole new perspective to the war in the South.”

“Converse College did a great job in all these areas and worked hard to make sure we were taken care of during our stay. The location was great as close enough to see multiple battle sites and not far away.”

“Being from the backcountry, I had no idea how important a role we played in the Revolution. It will bring a much-needed insight to my teaching strategies.”

“This was one of the best NEH seminars I have participated in. It was well organized and had a good blend of lecture and field trips.”

“This was an excellent workshop which took us to several of the most important southern battlefields of the American Revolution. Being at these sites highlighted the difficult terrain and climate both partisans and loyalists faced as they tried to subdue their enemy. Pictures and video taken onsite will help convey those difficulties to students who have not had the chance to visits these places.”

“AWESOME! I learned so much about South Carolina’s role in the American Revolution and the role it played in helping our founding fathers defeat the British. It was so refreshing to learn about the South’s contributions to the war effort since so much of our textbooks relay on a Northern perspective. (I am a Northerner) I was also amazed at how violent both sides were.”

“My experience during the workshop was very educational, eye opening, and pleasant. I did not have any understanding of the importance of the South in the Revolutionary War prior to this experience. Now, I will not only cover the South with hands on lessons during my teachings of the Revolutionary War, but I will also bring ideas and viewpoints from the workshop into my lectures. This was a highlight of my summer. This program has changed the way I think about the Revolutionary War. I feel that it has rounded out my knowledge of the Revolutionary War, and I will be a stronger teacher since I have more knowledge of the South geographically, politically, and socially.”