Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

The Ideal Educator

All Converse College courses in professional education are designed to help the student meet the goals established in the Conceptual Framework. That framework follows from the “Founder’s Ideal,” in which Dexter Edgar Converse said his desire was that Converse students “may be enabled to see clearly, decide wisely, and to act justly.” Those three “towering” ideas are at the heart of the Conceptual Framework guiding instruction in all Converse professional education courses, both undergraduate and graduate. These ideas define our concept of the Ideal Educator.

The Institutional Standards

Professional education courses and experiences, combined with liberal arts courses, are designed to promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential for The Ideal Educator. These learning outcomes are embodied in the following Institutional Standards that are met through the instructional program.

The Ideal Educator:

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for individual differences by differentiating instruction for the diverse needs of all learners.
  2. Demonstrates knowledge of and competence in innovative instructional strategies.
  3. Demonstrates knowledge of content and standards by integrating them into planning and instruction.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge of technology and the value of its use by integrating it into a variety of areas.
  5. Demonstrates knowledge of and competence in assessment and evaluation of students, instruction, and self through the utilization of informal and formal methods.
  6. Demonstrates skills in management.
  7. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward professionalism.
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