Visual Arts Scholarship Events

Visual Arts Scholarship Events

Visual Arts

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who are interested in majoring in art education, art history, art therapy, studio art or interior design are eligible for a Visual Arts Scholarship. As a part of the application process, all candidates (except for those interested in art history) must present their portfolio of artwork at one of the designated Visual Arts Scholarship Events.

Students who are interested in art history must submit an application form, a teacher letter of recommendation and a written paper 10 days prior to the interview sessions.

See dates for upcoming Art Scholarship Portfolio Reviews.

The portfolio sessions will be held in the Milliken Art Building at Converse College. Students who are interested in studio art, interior design, art education, art history and art therapy are eligible to submit a portfolio for consideration for a Visual Arts Scholarship. Each session will be approximately 20 minutes and will include a short oral interview with the art student.

The student is responsible for bringing:

  • A portfolio of 10 works – any medium. The work should be contained within a portfolio unless size dictates otherwise. Art history applicants must submit an essay.
  • Sketchbooks that include idea development, sketches, etc.
  • A list of submitted works on the Portfolio Content form, including title, medium, and the name of the project, if part of a class assignment.

Five days prior to the portfolio interview the department must receive:

  • Letter indicating date of intended interview.
  • The application form.
  • One letter of recommendation from someone who the student has worked within the visual arts within the past two years. (High school teacher, private instructor, etc.) If the student has not worked with an art teacher during this time period, a teacher in another discipline may submit the recommendation letter. The teacher may submit this separately.

Tips for Preparing for the Converse Visual Arts Scholarship Portfolio Review

Art History Scholarship

The art history scholarship will be awarded on the basis of:

  1. Extra-curricular activities
  2. Evidence of intellectual potential

Please include a 300-word essay on why you want to study art history with the return of your application and two letters of recommendation.

Complete the Visual Arts Scholarship Application. All necessary forms are included.

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