The Women’s College Advantage

The Women’s College Advantage

The Women's College Advantage

It’s a fact: As a women’s college, Converse can provide you advantages that can’t be matched by co-ed schools. In the last ten years, applications to women’s colleges increased by more than 50% and retention is higher than at co-ed private colleges.

Compared to their peers, women’s college graduates report they:

  • Were 2X as likely to earn a PhD or other graduate degree.
  • Were better prepared for their first job and career advancement.
  • Were more likely to have the skills expected of them by employers.
  • Developed more self-confidence and initiative.
  • Built stronger networks with peers and relationships with faculty that led to career advancements.
  • Were better prepared for life after college.

Source: Comparative Alumnae Research Study Hardwick-Day, 2012