41 Converse Valkyries Receive D2 ADA Academic Achievement Awards

41 Converse Valkyries Receive D2 ADA Academic Achievement Awards

2018-19 Division 2 Athletics Directors Association (D2 ADA) Academic Achievement Award logo

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A total of 41 student-athletes from the Converse College Athletic Department were recipients of the 2018-19 Division 2 Athletics Directors Association (D2 ADA) Academic Achievement Award. In total, there were 11,660 student-athletes from 185 institutions across Division II recognized for the prestigious award. Conference Carolinas made up 493 of those student-athletes.

The D2 ADA made the official announcement on Monday, August 26.  The Academic Achievement Awards, in its 12th year, is a program that recognizes the academic accomplishments of student-athletes at the Division II level.

“I am very excited to see the highest number of student-athletes get recognized for their academic achievements this past year,” said D2 ADA President Chris Ratcliff, Director of Athletics at Rogers State University. “The number of institutions recognizing their student-athletes’ academic achievements continues to rise. As a board, this is perhaps one of our biggest initiatives. We see the value of acknowledging academic achievements. This a way for our member institutions, through D2 ADA, to recognize our student-athletes.”

In order for a student-athlete to receive an Academic Achievement Award, the athletics director of the Division II institution must be a current dues-paying member of the D2 ADA.

Also, the student-athlete must:
• have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
• have attended a minimum of two years (four semesters) of college level work
• have been an active member of an intercollegiate team during his/her last academic year

Converse Valkyries D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award Recipients

Bo Linders (Field Hockey)

Jordan Brooks (Women’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball)

Lindsey Rogers (Women’s Basketball)

Jennifer Matusik (Equestrian, Women’s Soccer)

Taylor Fisk (Women’s Golf)

Grace Magera (Women’s Golf)

Bethany Thornbury (Women’s Golf)

Sophia Carsto (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

Alexis Forbes (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

Jessica Konik (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

Jasmine Loy-Smith (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

Jordyn Welcher (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

Amy Allen (Women’s Lacrosse)

Merecedes Dempsey (Women’s Lacrosse)

Jade Berwager (Women’s Soccer)

Melissa Carlyle (Women’s Soccer)

Claudia Coffin (Women’s Soccer)

Maggie Gaston (Women’s Soccer)

Gianna Mancinelli (Women’s Soccer)

Cassidy Rindge Marshall (Women’s Soccer, Women’s Swimming)

Maria Martinez (Women’s Soccer)

Kayla Noon (Women’s Soccer)

Anyah Preston (Women’s Soccer)

Michelle Rohde (Women’s Soccer)

Morgan Tyler (Women’s Soccer)

Brianna Harrill (Softball)

Allison Plafcan (Softball)

Sarah Russell (Women’s Swimming)

Steffi Kong (Women’s Tennis)

Daeja Belton (Women’s Track and Field)

Kathryn Frizzell (Women’s Cross Country)

Abigail Jolley (Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field)

Kathryn Frizzell (Women’s Track and Field)

Sydney Allen (Women’s Volleyball)

Kiara Cannon (Women’s Volleyball)

Ansley Hodge (Women’s Volleyball)

Lauren Tharrington (Women’s Volleyball)


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