Dr. Jessica Williams, Mathematics professor

From small-town Kentucky to academia, Dr. Williams has a special talent for making math fun and helping every student find her own value.

Nicole Lidzbarski

How can earthworms help us reduce the risk of cancer? Is your new favorite weed killer less safe than its competitors? Students explored these and other questions in an award-winning summer research project.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Dr. Chandra Owenby Hopkins

Students describe her as a personable teacher and passionate director who encourages them to overcome self-limitations. Fellow colleagues describe her as an empathetic mentor who plays a vital role at Converse. Assistant Professor of Theatre, Dr. Chandra Owenby Hopkins, emulates all these impressive qualities and more. In only five years here at Converse, Dr. Hopkins—or…
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Ellen Lanford Asheman

Ever since giving her first gold coin to Converse at Commencement in 1985, Ellen Lanford Asherman has increasingly valued her Converse education – and has increasingly invested in building that value for today’s young women. Freshly minted with a degree in Business Administration and finance, Ellen began her career in Atlanta as one of only…
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President Krista Newkirk

As a 6-year-old ranch hand, Krista Newkirk helped install electrical outlets in the house her family built together, rode a feisty Appaloosa, and began raising her own beef cow — all before bankers foreclosed on their property. Later, she worked 30 hours a week while earning her bachelor’s degree in just three years. Then came…
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Grace Frazor and Brandi Icard

Fort Worth, Texas, is a long way from Spartanburg, but Converse is so close to Brandi Icard’s heart that she recruited a student there to find her voice at Converse, too. Icard earned her master’s in music from Converse in 2004 before moving to Texas, where she taught high school and performed with the Fort…
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Rainey Amphitheater

Breathing new life into historic materials from Spartanburg’s textile mill heritage, the new Rainey Amphitheater at Converse College was dedicated over the summer of 2016. Spartanburg community member Nancy Rainey Crowley led the effort to save building materials from Clifton Manufacturing Company No. 2 Mill, which was built in 1888 by Converse founder Dexter Edgar…
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Meet Christina Shook of Financial Planning

Have you met our friendly folks in the Financial Planning office? They are here to help you! A tip from Mr. Kellam: By filling out your FAFSA sooner rather than later, you can increase the number of financial assistance options available to you. LEARN MORE Financial Planning Apply to Converse

Trying to be Serious with the Guards - Aubrey Andersen-Bakker

Amsterdam, London, Panama, Athens...where will your studies take you? See where our students adventured during Jan Term. LEARN MORE Converse Study Travel Apply to Converse

Dr. Marlee Marsh '02

Marlee Marsh ’02 was the first student at Converse to participate in SCICU-funded independent research under the mentorship of Dr. Edna Steele. Now Associate Professor of Biology at Columbia College researching environmental immunology, she’s mentoring a new generation of young female scientists. Together they are studying how changing environmental conditions impact the ability of fish…
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