Converse-Wofford Joint Study Committee Formed

A Joint Study Committee has been formed to study opportunities for expanding collaboration and cooperation between Wofford College and Converse College. Presidents Benjamin B. Dunlap of Wofford and Elizabeth A. Fleming of Converse announced the committee, which is composed of 18 individuals representing both colleges and includes:

  • Elizabeth A. Fleming, president of Converse College
  • Benjamin B. Dunlap, president of Wofford College
  • Betsy Crane Griffith, chair, Converse Board of Trustees
  • J. Harold Chandler, chair, Wofford Board of Trustees
  • William Barnet III, at-large representative
  • Joab M. Lesesne Jr.,at-large representative
  • Benjamin Wall, Converse Trustee
  • Corry W. Oakes, Wofford Trustee
  • Harriet Smith O'Neill, Converse Trustee
  • Daniel B. Morrison, Wofford Trustee
  • Melissa Walker, George D. Johnson Professor of History, Converse
  • Angela Shiflet, Larry Hearn McCalla Professor of Computer Science, Wofford
  • Ann Pletcher, professor of accounting, Converse
  • Karen Goodchild, associate professor of art history, Wofford
  • Jeff Barker, vice president for academic affairs, Converse
  • David Beacham, senior vice president for administration, Wofford
  • Bobby Stewart, vice president for institutional advancement, Converse
  • Jenni Lister, director of admission, Wofford

In September, the Boards of Trustees of Converse College and Wofford College announced the study as part of the strategic planning processes under way at both institutions. The committee's charge will be to brainstorm, investigate and identify potential avenues for collaboration between both colleges, seizing opportunities to capitalize on each institution's strengths for the maximum benefit of current and future students. This committee is designed to be both a source and a conduit for ideas. Opportunities to receive input from constituents of both colleges will be provided in the course of the committee's deliberations. It will operate with an open timetable and with no foregone conclusions, and will provide regular updates to the respective boards of trustees at each college. It is anticipated that, in the course of their work, the committee will determine jointly a time for final recommendations to the trustees.