Converse International School

Learning Without Borders

The Converse International School (CIS) offers students from partner universities outside the United States a rich educational experience, studying at Converse, a liberal arts university in the southern United States.

CIS students in our first two programs complete their first two years of university work at their home universities in Anhui Province, China and the second two years at Converse. Graduates of these first two programs earn a degree from Converse in either Accounting or Medical Technology. The programs are partnerships between Converse and the College of Economics and Technology of Anhui Agricultural University and Anhui Medical University. Converse’s president, provost, and several of our faculty members enjoyed visiting the universities in Anhui Province on multiple occasions. Converse also had the pleasure of hosting faculty from Anhui Medical University here in South Carolina. We look forward to welcoming to campus our first cohort of Converse International School students in 2017.

Anhui Medical University students with Converse faculty member, Karen Hill
Anhui Agricultural University Students in Heifei, China
Ann Pletcher Teaching Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Every company needs financial advisers to guide them in their business. Our Accounting major will prepare you for a career in private accounting, financial management, public accounting or graduate school. Offered in partnership with Anhui Agricultural University.

Sample Courses

  • Accounting and Business Information Systems
  • Accounting Principles
  • Tax Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Auditing
Erturk Teaching Biology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Our Medical Technology major will teach you fundamental biomedical principles and help you gain laboratory skills in the biomedical sciences. You will also develop the written and spoken communication skills you need to be a successful medical technology professional. Offered in partnership with Anhui Medical University.

Sample Courses

  • General Zoology
  • Microbiology
  • Intro to Immunology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Elements of Physics
Students in China
  • Live and study in the U.S. and immerse yourself in English language and American culture.
  • Experience the personal attention and caring mentoring of Converse’s faculty.
  • Work with Converse faculty members while at your home university.
  • Maximize your success with internships and field experiences.
  • Continue your study in one of Converse’s graduate programs.
  • Broaden your vision of the world at an American university.
  • Join a friendly community of smart, hard-working learners.
  • Study in the liberal arts tradition and develop your skills in communication, critical thinking, and creative problem solving – top skills desired by all employers.

The Converse International School comprehensive fee for the first year (2017-2018) for the Anhui programs in Accounting and Medical Technology is $35,000 per student.

Converse is a private, liberal arts university with a residential women’s undergraduate college, graduate and online programs for men and women, and the Converse International School offering men and women a unique education that spans two countries and two universities.

Since 1889, Converse has educated students “to see clearly, decide wisely and act justly.” Our graduates are passionate global citizens whose energy, creativity and competence bring value to their professions and their communities.

Converse Front Gate


  • Top 5% of master’s universities in the nation by Washington Monthly
  • Top 10% of colleges in the nation by the National Survey of Student Engagement
  • Top 10 “Great Schools at Great Prices” in the South by U.S. News & World Report
Biochemistry Teacher

PHOTO CREDIT: Spartanburg Herald-Journal/Alex Hicks Jr.


  • 82% of courses are taught by full-time faculty
  • 2 Accounting professors were named Professor of the Year by the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA) and received the Kathryn Amelia Brown Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 2 Medical Technology professors were given the Excellence in Teaching Award by South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU)
  • According to the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE), Converse students more frequently work with faculty outside of class, speak with faculty about careers and graduate school, and receive direct feedback on their work than their peers at other schools
Phifer Sunset

Notable Graduates:

  • Pulitzer Prize winning poet
  • State Supreme Court Justice
  • Broadway performers
  • One of the nation’s top heart researchers
  • Deputy crew commander for rocket launches at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Students in front of Phifer


  • 1,389 total enrollment (822 undergraduate and 567 graduate)
  • Over 50% of entering freshmen rank in the top quarter of their graduating class
  • 30 states and 8 countries represented
  • 60% of graduating seniors already have job offer or graduate school acceptance on the day they graduate
Kuhn Hall

Our Core Values:

The Converse College commitment to creativity and the development of adaptable individuals with clear vision, wise decision and just action is guided by seven core values. These enduring beliefs serve as the compass for the College. They transcend time, extend across the institution and guide our actions and decisions.

  • EXCELLENCE drives us to achieve the best in all that we pursue; to develop competence, confidence and courage to realize full potential in mind, body and spirit.
  • INTEGRITY calls us to cultivate and exercise honor, character and vision in daily decisions and actions; to act honestly and justly when confronted with ethical dilemmas and life’s challenges.
  • EXPLORATION compels us to think critically and creatively in the acquisition of knowledge and skills; to discover and enrich scholarship and research, disciplines, methods and vocations through hands-on learning and leadership and through discovery, discourse and debate.
  • DIVERSITY inspires us to embrace the different perspectives, experiences, cultures, backgrounds, talents and contributions that comprise a global society; to enhance and expand inclusivity as we build a stronger multi-dimensional community.
  • RESPECT leads us to value self and others, recognizing the legitimacy of individuality in belief, expression and perspective; to exercise civility, mindfulness and responsibility in words and actions.
  • COMMUNITY motivates us to develop a dynamic network of relationships through a balance of work and play that nurtures the abilities of each member in order to establish a better whole; to mentor, collaborate and communicate as engaged citizens who effect positive change.
  • PROGRESS challenges us to think strategically toward the future by employing creativity, adaptability, ingenuity and innovation; to advance and transform the world around us.
Phifer Interior

The comprehensive fee for Converse International School includes room and board. The best part of living here is being part of the community, where learning extends beyond the classroom. From chatting with your professors at lunch to building new friendships while getting your laundry done, Converse is a wonderful place to live and learn.

Residence Halls

Female students will be housed in the residence halls together with other Converse juniors and seniors. Male students will be housed together in comparable residence halls on the Converse campus. The residence halls are staffed with a team of Community Advisors (CA), Peer Academic Coaches (PACs), Resident Directors (RD), and Assistant Directors of Residential Life (AD). This team is designed to help you use resources on and off campus that will enrich your academic and social life.

Dining Options

When dining at Converse, you can choose Gee Dining Hall or the Sub Connection. Gee Dining Hall serves soups, salads, sandwiches, multiple hot food options daily, fresh fruit, desserts, and a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. The Sub Connection is open from early morning to late evening and serves Starbucks beverages, build-your-own subs, fresh baked breads and wraps. You may also purchase treats and healthy snacks to-go.

Spartanburg, SC

Converse is situated in Spartanburg, South Carolina, nicknamed “Hub City” because of its history as a railroad hub. Spartanburg is a college town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with a thriving art and music scene, an active outdoor culture, and an urban population of roughly 190,000 citizens. Converse is within walking distance of restaurants, convenience stores, a grocery store, boutiques, parks and nightlife. Spartanburg is located between the major cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. It is served by Greenville-Spartanburg and Charlotte-Douglas international airports. The climate is subtropical, with long humid summers, brief but beautiful autumns and springs, and mild winters. Temperatures can rise in the summers to 33° C and fall in the winters to -1° C.

Dear students, we look forward to welcoming you to our campus!

Welcome New Students

CIS Newsletter

Click below to read the first issue of a newsletter we created just for you!

Converse International School Newsletter – Summer 2016

Please return to this web page in September for the next issue. In each issue you will learn about professors, students, life and classes at Converse.

Questions and Answers

We understand there is so much you want to know about living in the United States and studying at Converse! We are working on answers to your most frequently asked questions and will be publishing them through the summer and fall. Here are the first five:

1. What scores do I need to make on the TOEFL test to qualify for Converse International School? When do I take the TOEFL?

If your anticipated arrival on campus is Fall 2017, you are required to score at least 61 on the TOEFL IBT. This requirement may change for future cohorts. You will take the test near the end of your studies in China. You may wish to take the TOEFL or a practice version of the test more than once during your studies to measure your progress and ensure a passing score.

2. Am I eligible for scholarships?

CIS students are encouraged to seek out scholarships, grants or loans through your regional or national government, international organizations, nonprofits, or businesses in your home country. CIS students are not eligible for Converse scholarships or scholarships through the US federal government. Use caution when researching funding opportunities, as there are many scam scholarships and predatory companies. Legitimate scholarships do not require you to pay in order to apply. When researching business sponsors or grant organizations, be sure you completely understand what is expected of you following graduation, or in the event of changing your major, changing schools, or not completing your degree.

3. Can I work a part time job while studying at Converse?

Due to your F-1 student status, you will not be eligible to work for pay while at Converse. However, all students are encouraged to explore internship and job shadowing opportunities to gain experience and insight into their future careers. The Center for Professional Development can connect you with businesses and medical organizations offering these unpaid but valuable opportunities. The “payoff” of an internships is in skills developed, experience you can add to your resume, and relationships you build with professionals in your chosen field.

4. Can I get an American driver’s license and buy a used car to get around?

You can obtain a South Carolina driver’s license with the proper documentation. The process will be faster if you already have a driver’s license in your home country. You may buy a car and obtain a parking permit to keep it at Converse. The parking permit fee is $25 per term.

5. Can I participate in sports at Converse or at a surrounding college?

While CIS students are not eligible to join the NCAA athletic teams, CIS students are free to participate in intramural sports, use Converse’s athletic facilities, and organize casual games with friends.


Play basketball in the Weisiger Center Gym.

We wish you well in your studies, and we are eager to meet you in 2017!