2014-15 Tuition Reset

Converse has taken the lead to be a voice of reason on behalf of our students and their families, to challenge the escalating costs in education, and to ensure that the value of a private education is within reach for any talented young woman who seeks it. Inspired by the vision of our founders as we celebrate our 125th anniversary, and emboldened by the dreams of our students, we determined that this move was simply the right thing to do.

Fall tuition for 2014 was “reset” to $16,500, a 43% decrease in the current price.

The tuition reset benefits all full-time students in Converse’s traditional undergraduate program. It sets our price back to what it was approximately a decade ago, reducing tuition by 43% for fall 2014 compared to fall 2013—and that’s before factoring in any scholarships or financial aid, which can lower the net cost even further.

The reset gives Converse one of the lowest undergraduate tuition prices of any private college or university in the state and region. With a room and board cost of $9,500, the tuition reset to $16,500 put Converse’s total cost of attendance at $26,000, which is on a comparable level with the total costs of premier public universities, both in and out of state.

Here’s an example of out-of-pocket costs for a freshman from SC beginning in fall 2014:
Before loans or federal aid$15,100
Room and Board$9,500
Cost before scholarships and aid$26,000
SC Life Scholarship$5,000
SC Tuition Grant$2,900
Converse Trustee Scholars$3,000

View our Fact Sheet for the details.

The reset aligns Converse’s “sticker price” for the traditional undergraduate program more closely with the average net cost for attendance. The tuition reset is accompanied by a decrease in the aggregate amount of institutional scholarship and financial aid awards, to support a model that is more affordable for our students over their four years in college, providing students with both immediate and long-term savings, including reduced loan debt.

Tuition Savings Over Four Years

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees Comparison Bar Chart

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Tuition Savings Over Four Years

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees Comparison Bar Chart

- See more at: http://www.converse.edu/admission/undergraduate-admission/tuition-and-fees/tuition-reset-fact-sheet#sthash.ObFkjljh.dpuf