Whether you’re ready to take the next step in furthering your education and your career or have decided to venture into a whole new professional path, Converse is the ideal place to do it. In this academic arena where innovation and creativity are encouraged and celebrated, there’s a dynamic and exciting energy between faculty and students. As a graduate student, your fervor for learning will deepen. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be rewarded with a master’s degree.

Converse offers the following coeducational graduate degrees:

Graduate Programs in Education

Master Degrees

Educational Specialist Degrees

Graduate Programs in Other Fields

In addition, students can enroll as a “special status,” non-degree seeking student (note that students intending to complete a degree program at Converse may take only up to 12 credit hours as a "special status" student; thereafter, the student must apply and be admitted to a degree program).

We recognize that a valuable graduate program not only offers a higher level of theory and knowledge but also a greater sense of how to apply that knowledge. In other words, you will be prepared to think more deeply and act more capably. That’s why all of our courses are taught by professors with excellent teaching experience and many with real-world expertise. Add to that the career support provided by our Center for Student Development & Success. With its frequent educational and networking events, you’ll be meeting people who can help you make the difference between simply earning a degree and getting a great job.

We also understand how important an advisor is to a successful graduate program. So, we assign graduate advisors who will motivate and guide you through this important journey. In fact, we think this mentoring relationship is so important that we encourage you to visit us and get to know our faculty as soon as you can. You may enjoy taking a look at our campus through our online campus tour as well.

Many graduate courses are offered late in the afternoon or evening for convenience, and an increasing number of online courses are now available.

There is some variation in the application processes, tuition and fees, deadlines and admission requirements among Converse's seven graduate programs. We encourage you to apply for financial aid for any of our programs. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies.


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Initial Certification Programs

The School of Education and Graduate Studies offers a variety of initial certification programs.